Conditions Associated with Orthokeratology: What You Need to Know

Orthokeratology, also known as corneal refractive therapy (CRT), can be a therapy utilized to proper perspective issues. Orthokeratology entails the application of unique contact lenses that reshape the cornea while you sleeping. This can help to improve eyesight throughout the day while not having to put on sunglasses or relationships. Although orthokeratology is really a effective and safe orthokeratology singapore therapy for lots of people, some situations can make it unsuitable. In this particular blog post, we shall explore the circumstances associated with orthokeratology and what you need to know before thinking about this procedure alternative.

In case you have any of these problems, orthokeratology is probably not good for you:

Corneal Sickness

Orthokeratology can only be utilized to treat healthful corneas. In case you have corneal sickness, like keratoconus, this treatment choice is not perfect.

Dried out eyesight

A free of moisture eyesight could make sporting contact lenses not comfortable and boost the risk of building disease. In case you have free of moisture eyesight, orthokeratology will not be right for you.

Allergic reaction

Allergy symptoms could also make using contacts uncomfortable and boost the chance of establishing an infection. For those who have allergic reaction, orthokeratology will not be right for you.

Susceptibility To Lighting

If you are sensitive to light, you may find that putting on contact lenses is uneasy. When you are responsive to lighting, orthokeratology might not be ideal for you.

Eye Infection

When you have an energetic eyes infection, you are going to be unable to dress in contacts. For those who have a dynamic vision disease, orthokeratology may not be ideal for you.


Orthokeratology could only treat myopia (nearsightedness) and hyperopia (farsightedness). When you have astigmatism, this procedure option is not appropriate.


Being pregnant can cause modifications in the form in the cornea. As a result, orthokeratology might not be suitable for expecting mothers. Seek advice from optician Singapore.

When you have some of the circumstances stated previously, orthokeratology will not be good for you. Nevertheless, this does not necessarily mean that you just will not be able to put on contacts or enhance your perspective. There are additional treatment methods accessible dependant upon your unique situation. Talk to your optometrist regarding what treatments are offered to you. They will be able to support you in finding the simplest way to enhance your perspective. We hope this web site article helps read more about circumstances related to orthokeratology.


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