6 Things to Look For When Choosing a Home Chef

home chef is a multi-storey-style home based food package and delivery service that offer pre-boxed ingredients and complete recipes to members weekly throughout the United States. According to this company it delivers more than three million meals a month to its members. This impressive figure makes Home Chef one of the most popular home based catering companies in the country. However, you need to check the credentials of the company before buying their food. So, here are a few things to consider before you invest your money.

Certification or Licensing: Does the Home Chef Company offer any type of certification program or training? Most companies do offer a few basic cooking or baking classes for those who sign up but generally it’s not required. Still, it’s nice to know that a company takes such matters seriously. If they do offer a certification program or do you have to pay for it then find out exactly what the curriculum includes.
Ingredients: Are the food packages fresh and do they come from local suppliers? Companies usually send their food packages via UPS or FedEx and many times have them packed by a local packager. If a company has an online presence or a brick and mortar store in your area then you may be able to purchase your food from them instead of ordering it from Home Chef. Just ask them about the availability of their food packages in your area.
Delivery Service: Is the Home Chef delivery service that you choose provided by an outside agency or is it provided by the company? Some companies have their own in-house delivery crew, while others outsource it to other vendors. Either way you should be able to get your food quickly. It’s also a good idea to inquire about whether they have a preferred method of shipping.
Experience Level: How experienced are the people who work for this company? They should all be certified and trained in how to cook using the recipes supplied by the Home Chef program. What happens if something goes wrong? How well are they trained to handle any situations that may arise during delivery or when preparing the food at home? Ask about their experience and what they would do in a situation such as this.
Customer Service: This is probably the most important question you’ll want answered. Are the people who work for the Home Chef program courteous, friendly, helpful? You want to know that you can talk to them at any time of the day or night and they will return your phone calls in a timely manner. It’s also a good idea to find out how long it will take to get your requested service.

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